Send pictures and files by Sms

Sms is a message that contains text that we want to send to our customers. This text message may contain marketing content, information, reminders, alerts and more.
Because Sms messages are short text messages, we can add links in it which our recipients can click and trigger some actions - for example the recipient can be redirected to a website, a product purchasing page, a registration form, view an image or a file etc. Of course, this option is only supported by smartphone (which are the vast majority of cellphones today) and not old phone.
Inserting a link is a very simple by copying pasting it into the message text.

But what if the link is very long and takes many characters from the message? Use an address shortcut service like The service allows you to enter the original address and get a shortened address thereby saving characters.

If you want, you can send an Sms containing a link to a document such as MS-Word or PDF file. All you have to do is upload the file to the app on the Send text message screen and you will automatically receive a link to it in the message text you are about to send.


Screen Shots (click to enlarge):