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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get a username and password?

    Once you complete the payment for the balance you select on the registration form , your account is automatically created. Username and password are sent to you by email and Sms.

  • Is the payment a one-time charge?

    Yes, the payment is a one time charge according your desired balance amount. There are no additional charges.
    Once your balance runs out you can always purchase an additional amount.

  • Is there any expiration date for my balance?

    Your balance never expires. You can log into your Global Sms account at any time and Send text messages until your balance runs out.

  • In what languages ​​can I write the Sms messages?

    You can Send text message in any language you want - English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Arabic etc.

  • I would like to Send text messages using my own systems. Do you have an API?

    Global Sms has an extensive API for you to use in order to Send text messages from your websites, apps, Crm, Erp, Switches etc.
    All information can be found in your account under "API Settings"

  • Do you use my information?

    We do not use your information in any way. Your information is yours only.

  • What other features does Global Sms has?

    Global Sms App has many features for you to use, such as:
    Birthday Sms, Sms saved messages (templates), Schedule sms delivery time, Activity reports and more.