Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Global Sms App requires installation?

Global Sms app is a web-based app. It does not require any installation. Just login using your user name and password through your web browser.

Is there any additional cost?

You pay a single payment when you purchase Sms balance. When you Send text messages your balance will be charged according to the amount of messages you've sent, the length of the message and the country to which it was sent.
You may add money to your balance from your account when ever you want.

Is there an expiration time for my balance?

No, your balance will not expire until you finish it. You can log into your account at any time and send your Sms messages with your balance.

Can I import my distribution list from other systems?

You may export your distribution list from the other system and upload it to the Global Sms app. Once imported you can always update it.

I upload an updated Excel each week. Will I have duplicate mobile numbers in my lists?

No, the app will only upload new recipients and also will not upload unsubscribed recipients.

How many distribution lists can I upload?

There is no limit to the number of distribution lists you can create in your account. You can create as many as you need.

Can I send a link within the SMS message?

The Global Sms app supports sending text messages that include links. Click here for details on sending a link in an SMS message.

I want to connect my website to Global Sms. Do you have an Sms API?

Sure, We have an extensive Sms API. Click here for more information on our Sms API

Does the app allow unsubscribing from my distribution list to interested recipients?

Global Sms app lets you include an automatic unsubscribe link in the Sms message text.

Can I automatically Send text message on my clients' birthday?

Global SMS app lets you set up a birthday message that will automatically be sent to each recipient on his or her birthday. The message can include a birthday greeting, an offer or a gift. Click here for details on sending a birthday SMS.

Can I send group Sms?

With the click of a button you can send a group Sms, which means sending Sms to many people together. Despite sending SMS to a large number of people, you can personalize each Sms message to contain the name of each recipient or any other personal information.