Global Sms is very easy and intuitive to use.

Ease of use

Anyone can Send text message. Global Sms app is friendly and easy to operate.

Send text message from a computer

Global Sms app is web-based. You log into your account through your browser on your phone, tablet or computer. No installation is needed.

Send text message worldwide

With Global Sms you can Send text message message worldwide. Please see the price list for the rates in each country.

Schedule future Sms messages delivery

You can schedule your Sms campaign delivery to future time.

Send text message quickly using copy & paste

In case you don't want to import your contacts to the app you may send by manually copy & paste.
The app will automatically exclude duplicates or wrong format numbers.

Sms delivery statistics

Instant delivery status of the Sms messages for each recipient.
Detailed delivery report for each Sms campaign.

Manage recipient lists and Send text message to them at the click of a button

Manage an unlimited number of recipient lists, for example: company customers, company employees, etc.
Each list can be uploaded using an Excel file or by typing directly in the app.

Send text message in any language you desire

The content of the Sms message can be in any language you want - for example English, Spanish, French, Russian, Thai, Hindi, etc.

Include short links to any web page

Global Sms allows you to send short links within the SMS message which will redirect the recipient who clicks on them directly to any web page, for example to a page where he can purchase a product online, register to event or a service or event to a Facebook page.

Birthday Sms campaigns

Sms messages with a birthday greeting or a birthday coupon that is automatically sent to a customer who has his or her birthday.
Click here to read more about Birthday Sms Campaigns

Mail2Sms - Email to Sms - Send text message by emails

Global Sms API service allows you to Send text messages via Email - Mail2Sms. The solution is good for many systems that do not allow programming such as ERP, CRM or switches but have an email alert or email to customer option available. Click here to read more about Mail2Sms - Send text message by Email

Sms Keywords

Set up keywords to interact with customers, such as a keyword for coupon or benefit.
Click here to read more about SMS keywords

Unsubscribe from Sms list

You may insert an automatic unsubscribe from sms link in your sms messages using the Send text message screen.

Virtual phone number rental for incoming text messages

Virtual phone number Service with which you can receive recurring messages directly to your interface or external system.
Click here to read more about Virtual phone number for incoming sms messages

Wedding Rsvp by text message

Send text message in order of receiving Wedding Rsvp by text message or any event.
the app will show a report of all incoming messages (Rsvps).

Send text message via Sms API

An extensive API that allows you to Send text messages from external systems such as Erp, Crm, Appointment reminders, Alerts, etc.
Contact us for the API documentation. We also offer free code examples for Sms Api in many languages. Click here to read more about Sms API.

Send text message for the best prices

We offer the best prices for sending Sms messages:

  • Open your account for free
  • No monthly cost
  • No commitment period
  • Just buy the credit amount you desire and use it until it runs out. You may always top up your balance from your account.