Automatic happy birthday wishes sms

Send a greeting, a gift, a coupon and more.

We are so preoccupied with the day-to-day operating our business that we sometimes forget to turn to the most important issue - Marketing Marketing Marketing!

Without marketing, our business has no life. Marketing is what drives new customers and additional sales to existing customers.

So any tool that can help us automate our marketing and customer retention is significant -
A tool that will continue to market even when we are unavailable.

Global Sms app lets you send birthday Sms messages with a greeting or a special offers send automatically to each of your customers or workers on their birthday.

All you have to do is type the Sms message that you want to send on each customer birthday, and of course upload a recipient list with the customers birth dates (This list can be loaded with an Excel file), and that's it!
Global Sms app will send this message automatically for each recipient on their birthday.
This Sms message can even be a personalized sms meaning it will display the name of each recipient - for example "Happy Birthday John".


What is recommended to send on a customer's birthday?

  • Sending Congratulations - A greeting that reminds the customer of our business so that the next time they need a business in our field of activity they will contat you.
  • Sending a discount or a special offer - Discount on a product, service or in a restaurant for example. Such an offer is likely to draw the customer back to your business.
  • Sending a gift - Send any gift that will make the customer return to our business by accepting it and purchasing any other products and services.